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What is Life Alignment?
Life Alignment is the umbrella for (combination of) several energy healing systems that holistically address all aspects of your life. These include your physical health and wellbeing, family and relationships, your home and workplace, business, and your environment, including your food, water, air and nature.

What are the underlying principles of Life Alignment?We are multidimensional beings. Beyond the physical body, we are made up of a combination of energy systems which include the acupuncture meridians, chakras and subtle bodies. Imbalance and dis-ease is mostly initiated in the subtle realm, eventually manifesting within the physical body.Your body has cellular memory of all that has occurred. Using applied kinesiology or a pendulum we are able to access the bio-computer to identify the energy blockage and the underlying emotional stress. This applies to your body, your life, home or business. 

The Life Alignment techniques help to raise the vibrational frequency, restore the energy flow and release the emotional stress bringing us back to a state of health and wholeness.

How could Life Alignment help me?

Because healing occurs at a cellular level and in all dimensions of being, these techniques can be applied to existing conditions, and act as prevention.

These techniques have been shown to:Align the structure of the body, relieving structural painBalance the energy fields of organs, glands and body systemsBalance learning difficulties, allergies, sleep patterns, and hormonal imbalancesStrengthen the immune systemOxygenate and detoxify the bloodRelease suppressed emotions, past traumas, toxicity, stress and depressionBalance the meridians, chakras and subtle bodies, aligning them with the physical bodyRelieve pain rapidly by healing the related tissue 

How was it created?

The Life Alignment systems (techniques, methods) were received intuitively by Dr Jeff Levin. Jeff, a former architect, has worked with energy healing for the last 35 years. For the last 15 years he has been teaching Body Alignment Technique and associated techniques, spending 9 months of the year traveling internationally lecturing and teaching these techniques. 

Dr Levin has been dedicated to personal and global healing and his transformational techniques have changed the lives of thousands of people around the world.

He is the author of ‘Body Alignment Technique – A system of Healing and Transformation’

Where can I learn these techniques?

Dr Levin has trained many teachers around the world, including the USA, Canada, UK, South Africa, Israel, Italy, Norway, Dubai and Australia. Check the web site for details. https://www.life-alignment.com/?v=7516fd43adaa

How do the different techniques work?


Body Spin is the most recent addition to the Life Alignment family and has become the entry point into the whole system. It works by activating energetic gateways to the body located at the chakras and the minor chakras located at the joints, which are spun into a vortex, hence the name Body Spin. It is simple to learn, and is a rapid and powerful balancing technique that can be applied to any issue. It can be used as a stand alone system or integrated with other healing systems.


Body Alignment is the foundation and heart of Life Alignment.  All parts of the body are in constant communication with each other, and this technique enables the practitioner to acquire information in greater detail as to what is inter-connected with a particular imbalance or issue, and provides the technology to resolve deep emotional issues, releasing them from the body. 


Vortex Alignment brings a revolutionary technology and an invaluable dimension to Life Alignment, through the use of highly energized magnetic cards that work on the inner environment (the body) and outer environment. The cards help to accelerates the healing process in the body; helps to protect us from the harmful electromagnetic radiation emitted by cellular/mobile phones, electrical appliances, high tension wires etc, as well as balancing our food, water, air, and balancing our homes and workplace.


Like the  physical body, the energy in your homes can become blocked due to electromagnetic disturbances, geopathic stress and negative energy from previous occupants. You also bring into the home all your life issues created throughout your life. These create energetic blockages that cause the experience of dis-ease. These blockages are released helping to create health and vitality.


This technique addresses the blockages in our lives and aligns us with our true purpose. It identifies what’s blocking manifestation in our lives and provides direction and activates success and fulfillment. This powerful technique can also be applied to any group or business. 


Life Alignment is a journey of discovery, a movement of the soul towards Oneness of body, heart and mind. These vibrational healing techniques help align ourselves to life, the Source of all that is, to know ourselves as multi-dimensional beings, inseparable from the One, to heal ourselves through re-alignment with Life’s healing energy – love.